Thoughtful sustainable clothing

Poco Piano is a mother-daughter team based in Belgium with roots in Italy.

Our story started in 2018 after the birth of our youngest family member. We became more aware of our daily choices. Who made the clothes we wear? Where are they made? And especially, do they make us happy? We combined our appreciation for the good things in life and our passion for fashion to create Poco Piano.


We offer a timeless bamboo clothing line who believes in a truly better future for all. With the slight basic and minimal aesthetic, Poco Piano appeals to the free-spirited human who loves the rugged beauty of nature and adventure.


There further we wanted to maintain an ethical production process. That’s why our clothes are produced in Portugal and go through the hands of fairly-paid women.


“Ethical and sustainable fashion is not a product. It’s a practice. It’s movement. Everyone is invited to participate. There’s no obligation to buy. And you can get started right now. Today” - Elizabeth L. Cline

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